Buy Bitcoin

You can buy bitcoins from either exchanges or via marketplaces.

If you are a novice user of cryptocurrency, but already have a personal Bitcoin address and understand how Bitcoin network operates, obviously you are looking for a way to buy cryptocurrency simple and clear. First of all, we suggest you to find a list of popular online exchange points:

For novice users we recommend a visit to the official website of Bitcoin, where you will find lots of useful information about how and where to register your personal address, as well as where to buy Bitcoin.

Excellent article site that contains useful information you can find on the popular cryptocurrency blog, which is dedicated to Bitcoin news, analysis on the trends and price movements.

An even easier way can be found on the website that is popular among Bitcoin users. In this case, you only need to specify the country where you live to get a list of sellers that you can trust.

If none of these methods you do not seem clear enough, you can buy cryptocurrency here:


Multibit -

Armory -


BitGo -

GreenAddress -